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If You find Yourself to be a bit senile - come to my private - You surely won't forget the time we spend together ;ofor me it`s all I`m wet and horny hot sex if you want to come to me and pleasure are what you ask me to give you happiness

I`m a girl who likes sex in any posision but the one I like is doggy style

I`m a girl for sex my everything is wet and horny I`m horny and ready to give you pleasure like you ask me deep-chocolate..w ild and sexy deep in to your fantasy

love to get wild and kinky

wild nasty kinky sexy black babe that`s all new in the block deep into my black chocolate world, stunning chocolate body, curvy as it goes.. ready to make ur wildest fantasy cum to reality, cam2cam, sound, toys, fast connection, role play, heels... Well, firstly, my name is Mary and as my title says: I have lips as soft as silk! Which is the truth! My lips are big and beautiful like flower and theyyyy aaaaare soft. That being said, if you don't like sexy lips that are on the larger side- no problem! But please, be respectful and not insulting or I will eliminate you from further interactions. You'll notice that I genuinely just like to have a good time! I'm sometimes a jokester, sometimes silly, and often times playful. If you're open to chatting with me I'm happy to include you! The most important thing to me is respectful communication, not only with me but with the other members who are in my room. Please be patient and nice, we're all here to interact and you won't get much of my attention being demanding, insulting or nasty. Well, a certain kind of nasty that is. ;-) Mary Kyle Moon's favorites: Season- I love seasons, which we don't get much of here in the good 'ol state of Texas, but if I had to choose one I'd say Fall. Mmmm, pumpkin spice smells and coffee! Movie- I do love Sci-fi, Scary flicks, Slap-stick comedy and stand-up! TV Show- I'm a Netflix binger! Right now I'm on Sons of Anarchy Food- I enjoy cultural food and natural fruits/veggies. Flower- Tulips, Lilies, Roses and Sunflowers! Body Part- On men I love a nice, strong, hard. shoulders! ;-) On women I love soft tummies and hard nipples. Holiday- Halloween and Christmas! Costumes and festive lights horrah! Toy- My cold glass Candycane dildo. Animal- Giraffe! They have crazy long necks and gangly knees and remind me of Dinosaurs. Plus they have purple tongues, that's just too cool. Drink- I love Gin and Juice! Yup, a mans drink. lol. That and red wine, Coconut Water or Tea.

I've always been attracted to Voyerism. I suppose thats why I like being here, because I like to be watched. I also like submission and being told what to do, spanked and rough-housed. Without getting carried away of course. I've always wondered what it would be like to be with two guys at once, because giving a blow job is SUCH a turn on, and well having someone to take care of me while I'm doing that would be so hot. ;-) Fucking it is our favorite pastime , sometimes we share partner to leave the monotony and enjoy fuck someone else.

I am pretty much an open book, but am not willing to humiliate myself for your pleasure (as in, jumping up and down so you can see my boobs jiggle).

I am bi-curious. I've never been with a girl, but would love to try, at least once. I've never done anal, but am not opposed to the idea, as one of my biggest fantasies is to be part of a gang bang. I absolutely love giving and receiving oral sex.


My sexual appetite cannot be satisfied - all I want is sex! Preferably right now! - Come and guide my hands through the Land of Desire.

A perfect 1GIRL-Show 02

A perfect 1GIRL-Show 02

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